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Technology Studio

AMP is a tech company at it’s core. Our community functions in an entrepreneur-first model that identifies the primary roadblocks that diverse entreprenuers face and delivers solutions through programs and partnerships.

Where there isn't an existing resource to remedy an identified issue, we concept and productize a solution in the AMP Technology Studio. Our user-driven approach to innovation allows us to build technology that is scaleable, effective, and necessary.

AMP Directory

The AMP Directory is the funding search engine that puts capital in reach for diverse entrepreneurs. Our platform bridges the access gap by pairing founders, businesses, and nonprofits with the investors and funding sources based on industry and growth stage.

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AMP Badge

AMP certifies businesses that have made a meaningful commitment to advancing racial equity and that adopt a comprehensive approach to achieving progress goals

We deliver resource and execution solutions in organized, customizable action plans that are achievable and productive for partners and their stakeholders.

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so you want to help

We believe Black Lives Matter and that change is possible when we work together. This tool is meant to inspire action, spread awareness, and support critical causes. Are you looking for a place to lean in? Make a few selections to find a great place to get involved.

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