Watt Program

AMP provides access solutions for capital, advisory services, networking, and education directly to entrepreneurs and creators who need them.

Our mission is to ensure that hard work has the same horsepower for every entrepreneur, and our accelerator enables us to lean in and add tangible value for small businesses, startups, creative projects, and non-profit organizations.

Impact 5x

AMP has partnered with Silver Lining, a global leader in small business accountability and profitability solutions, to create the AMP 50, a cohort 50 Black & Latinx entrepreneurs who will receive access to AMP’s Watt Program resources and Silver Lining’s SLAP program.

The 13-month program delivers each business over $10,000 in value through programming and support from Empower by GoDaddy.

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"AMP has opened me up to a world of entrepreneurs, from my fellow cohort members to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in any given industry, and it has truly been inspiring. Not only that, but the folks at AMP have so much valuable experience and knowledge, and are able to share all of it in a way that makes the journey to starting a business much less lonely and daunting. I'm highly thankful to have been a part of their program."

Wes Ogsbury

Owner, Greens n’ Go

Watt Program Session One

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"As a solo entrepreneur, being part of the Watt Program has been an invaluable experience. Through their vast network, I have been able to secure the resources I need to help bring my vision to life. They have provided me with the framework to set my business up to scale and succeed. And most importantly, I have valued having access to the incredible mind-power of the AMP team. Their knowledge, insight, and experience in developing strategies and securing financing has been a true game-changer."

Kelle Jacob

Founder, ASRI Wellness

Watt Program Session One


About Our Watt Program

Who Does It Work For?

Our Amplifiers are diverse entrepreneurs and creators who have change-making ideas that benefit their communities. We believe in supporting entrepreneurs at all levels of a local economy— which means we accelerate startups, creative projects, small businesses, and non-profits.

What Does It Offer?

Watt Program participants have access to our full-suite of community-backed resources including educational, mentorship, network, and financial solutions to help them build and grow.

Additionally, Fellows recieve a capital grant for their business or project and a stipend to fund access to our Resource Partners, who provide solutions to any roadblock.

Did You Say It’s Free?

We did. The Watt Program is a no-cost accelerator, meaning we won’t take cash or equity in exchange for your participation. What we ask is that all participants remain members of the AMP Community, willing to lean in and support future cohorts as we grow and scale.

How Can I Help?

The Watt Program is made possible by a supportive community of partners, advisors, and thought leaders. We offer businesses the ability to provide resource support to Amplifiers, including capital, tools, services, and technologies. If you’re interested in an AMP partnership, click here. If you’re interested in offering support as a thought leader, click here.

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Amp Fellows

Watt Program Session One


Ngozi Musa

Aesthetics and Athletics


Chelsea Hawk

ENTR by hous + co


Julia Marino

ENTR by hous + co


Kelle Jacobs

Asri Wellness


Nerenda Eid

Underground Railroad Ride Film


Matt James

ABC Food Farms


Wesley Ogsbury

Greens’n Go


Rodve Lewis

The Menlo Real Estate


Courtney Williamson

Beyond Our Game


Darcy Bourne

Beyond Our Game

Sponsors and Partners

AMP builds vertical-specific or vertical-agnostic Watt Program Sessions with Cohort Sponsors— institutions, organizations, funds, or foundations seeking an opportunity to direct resources to Amplifiers.

We also maintain a roster of Resource Partners who offer change-making solutions to Amplifiers. Each Amplifier in the Watt Program receives a capital stipend to allocate toward these services. Currently, over 90% of our Paid Resource Partners are BIPOC and/or Woman-led.

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